• CPM is recognized by our clients for these core strengths:

1) Matching the proper resident to a home as quickly as possible

2) Keeping the total cost of ownership affordable

3) Educating our clients
and their tenants to help achieve a quality rental experience for both

These focuses benefit our clients and the tenants who occupy their homes, which makes a quality rental experience for people when leasing a home. With the rising cost in our area, we find many qualified renters are looking to rent instead of purchase.

  • CPM was founded in 2003 and presently manages properties in Frederick and surrounding counties. Property owners are comprised of professional real estate investors as well as many homeowners who continue to hold and lease their local properties.

  • CPM has adopted a team approach to Property Management. Each member of the team is responsible for those areas of leasing and management for which they are uniquely qualified. This team effort is of great benefit to our clients because it brings the proper expertise to each aspect of Property Management.

  • The philosophy of CPM is to manage and lease your property professionally, economically, and efficiently. Our managed houses experience extremely low vacancy rates, often moving new tenants in just days after the old tenants have moved out. As the owners of Classic Property Management, we own several rental properties and are sensitive to "cash flow" considerations.  Therefore, we will manage your property with the same care and concern as we manage our own properties since we are also investors in Real Estate.

  • CPM contracts local maintenance companies to conduct the majority of the maintenance on the managed properties. Because of the large volume of business done by CPM, the management company is able to obtain preferred prices on most building products and services including: carpet, roofing, paint, heating, and air conditioning. Significant savings are passed on to our clients.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like to discuss any aspect of the leasing and property management business.

Email: info@cpmrents.com

Phone: (301) 695-8000

Fax: (301) 695-4300

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